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CCES 001

August 26, 2010

After over 8 months of work, our first climate control system is built and installed for the Sullivan Galleries opening of “A Fickle Existence” (August 28th-October 15th) – a group show exploring the dichotomy of natural and artificial in their various combinations and manifestations. CCES 001 is a custom climate control system, built for our most bonsai-like poncirus trifoliata (the aforementioned Japanese bitter orange). Our initial interest was in building a system that would entirely isolate the tree from the exterior world, seemingly autonomous but incredibly fragile and dependent on an absurd amount of effort and care. As the system begins to simulate winter, we will slowly offset the climate/ world within the box from the climate/world without (e.g. while it is summer outside, the tree will be in a dormant winter sleep; while it’s winter outside, the tree will be in full foliage).

We will be working with the tree (pruning it with our 3 foot long clippers) during SAIC’s graduate reception in the space – more photos to come!

Sullivan installation (23rd-25th)

During install we were able to bring the temperature down to 35 F (prefect for dormancy). However, to install the plant, we brought the temp. back up to 51 F. We hope to gradually lower the temperature over the course of the exhibition to hopefully bring the tree to an early fall foliage drop. We’ll see what happens!

process photos from the past two of our eight months saga…

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