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CCES 002

November 12, 2010











The second iteration of our Climate Controlled Environmental Systems presents the DIY end of the CCES spectrum. The environmental controls are constructed from a toaster oven, two fans and a pump, all of which help to maintain a symbiotic relationship between the simulated dry environment (for Fockea edulis, the tuberous succulent on the left) and the humid environment (for the Serissa bonsai on the right). The water below the Serissa, which is replentished by the pump and tank at the base of the system, is drawn into the air by the warmth and dryness generated by the toaster oven and fans. The literal, and perhaps figurative, moment of exchange occurs through the single porous plexiglas wall separating the two chambers.








We hope that the symbiotic relationship and communicative exchange inherent to a collaborative practice is embodied within CCES 002‘s system.

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