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GRAFT is an artistic collaboration co-founded by Marissa Benedict and Luis Palacios. Connected conceptually and formally by our interest in fusing living organisms and functioning mechanisms, our work emphasizes the interdependence and fragility of both natural and artificial systems.

As a collaborative duo, our combined practice engages “grafting” as both a literal (biological) action and as a metaphoric term. With each collaborative effort we synthesize art and science, industrial manufacturing and unique construction. We bring together the absurd and the critical, the logical and the poetic. Instead of reinforcing the divisions inherent in dichotomous relationships, GRAFT seek to explore often overlooked mutual dependencies, locating our work in moments of tenuous balance. Through the synthesis of organic and synthetic components we hope to generate pieces which create unexpected connections between seemingly disparate elements, questioning the traditionally accepted boundaries between the “natural” and “man-made”.

To date, our collaborative activities include the research and production of tree anomalies, the re-construction of environmental systems via de-constructed domestic appliances and the systematic study of exotic houseplants. Both artists are currently working towards their MFA degrees in Sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chic

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